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AZUL Philippines Property Management and Brokerage Corporation is a Cebu, Philippines-based company specializing in Property Management for single-home residential (subdivision and residential condominiums), and commercial properties.

AZUL takes pride in utilizing personalized techniques in managing a property. Its expertise is built on a management concept of professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality service. The company is the first in the Visayas and Mindanao to offer “Management of Bulk Properties.” It also has an effective, specially-designed business program to cater the needs of the investors and the foreign tenants.

AZUL has expanded its reach from Filipino investors within THE PHILIPPINES and abroad and has successfully attracted plenty of international clients from multiple countries such as AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, TOBAGO, the UNITED KINGDOM, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. The company now has a 90% tenant profile comprised of foreigners and corporate accounts.
Here at AZUL, we handle your investment with care.



AZUL is fully committed to being a responsible and caring asset/property or single-home residential management provider by using our personalized hands-on approach founded on the principles of determination, passion, and excellence to implement lasting solutions for real estate investors.



AZUL aims to strive for care and consistency when collaborating with real estate investors so their relationship with the company will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

AZUL desires to establish stronger and symbiotic relationships with clients through a continuous process of support services to sustain and improve their investment portfolios.

AZUL envisions a professional and welcoming working environment for employees who are fully competent in executing the goals of the company with integrity and accountability.

AZUL endeavors to expand its array of existing services into other useful and related sectors of the real estate industry in order to strengthen and support the core competencies of the company.

AZUL aspires to become an industry leader dedicated to providing excellence in property management, specifically on single-home residential management, and ultimately increase brand recognition in the global marketplace.

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